Cheltenham Festival 101

Cheltenham Festival Betting Trends

For all of you that are reading this that do not know just what “Laying” is, it is merely YOU forecasting 1 steed in any type of race that will NOT win that race. Basically YOU become a bookie and also take bets from people that think that the steed WILL CERTAINLY win.

I do unknown if you have your very own system or you use horse racing tips from an informant, but this a very straightforward horse racing system anybody can utilize.

It is not complexed in any way as well as it is simply pressing 1 button on Betfair specifically the like you would if placing a win single bet

Some individuals will inform you that laying steeds is a certain fire method to end up in the “bad residence” and they would be dead right if you do not do it correctly and also this chooses ANY bet you have, not just laying.

Claim for instance we have a 12 jogger competition as well as you intended to bet 1 of these to win that race, you will then have ALL the various other 11 horses running AGAINST you and also are trying to quit your 1 option from winning.

Cheltenham festival trends

Currently on the other hand we have a 12 runner horse race and also we pick 1 horse to LOSE we currently have ALL the other 11 steeds competing United States as well as if any of those 11 horses win that race WE VICTORY !!

Some tipster offer these sort of horse racing tips and also I could guarantee that if done properly it could make you quite a lot of cash!

So the probabilities are WITH you and also not VERSUS you when laying.

The only issue with laying equines to shed is with YOU as well as the method you pick them. You would certainly think of that “Laying” the outsider in all races would definitely stand you in good stead as the majority of them lose as well as you would certainly win the majority of the moment BUT sadly if you take that program you WILL CERTAINLY come unstuck at some time as well as you WOULD erase any type of previous revenues plus more from your initial wagering banks, as they do win every now and then.

Allows merely visualize that the outsider in every race was 33/1 and also you wanted just ₤ 10 revenue per race, to win that ₤ 10 you would have a responsibility of ₤ 330, indicating that if that equine were to win YOU would SHED ₤ 330, merely unworthy the threat!! You would just need 1 each week to wipe you out.

So if laying the “Worst” horse in any sort of offered race is no good, after that which equine SHOULD you lay?…